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What Golf Clubs Should I Buy?

Over the Past 20 years of my golfing career, I have always come across this question from not only beginner golfers but also the ones who have been playing for many years.

What clubs should I buy??

Modern Golf has brought in the finest technology that one can think of. Now that A.I. has become the new norm, Golf manufacturers have made this a tool to provide their customers with the best that tech can offer. From increasing distance to curtailing your ball deviation, everything has got a solution. But with so many permutations & combinations, it has become rather difficult to choose your golf clubs.

It is astonishing to look at the offerings that a golf manufacturing company has today. From different club heads to shafts & grips, there is a plethora of options.

Coming to the persistent question, there are certain points that you should keep in mind:

  1. What is your current swing speed?

  2. What is your angle of attack?

  • This will determine majority of the factors to choose a golf club. If you are an amateur golfer with a swing speed of 75 miles/hour, and are looking to increase your distance & add more flight to your ball, you might want to consider a lighter shaft with a low kick point. A lighter shaft will only help increase you swing speed by a few miles, which in turn will help in increasing your distance.

  • On the flip side, if you are someone who has a high swing speed (e.g. 100 miles) and you tent to launch the ball very high, you might want to consider a heavier shaft for your golf clubs.

  • The stiffness of your shaft (Irons or Woods) will also depend a lot on the swing speed. It is very important to match up the stiffness with the shaft weight to get ideal results.


I have come across many good players who I feel are stuck in the dilemma of whether to get rid of the butter knifes or stay with them. Blade irons definitely give you a better scope of shaping your shots, but this comes at very high price of low forgiveness and no scope of miss hits.

With newer options like Callaway Apex Pro irons, this problem can be curtailed. As the clubs give a look and feel of blades but have great forgiveness.

So, before you run out and buy your next driver, wood, iron set or wedge, make sure to check your tendencies and see what you actually need to help lower your scores. Your ultimate goal shouldn’t be to impress your four ball with good looking clubs but instead be true to yourself and what you need to play your best golf.

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